13 Oct 2014

Korean Kindness

I was inspired to mention the attitude of people in Korea because it never ceases to amaze me (in a good way). While I may not agree with all aspects of Korean attitude (such as their treatment of animals), Koreans are in general such kind, friendly and welcoming people. There have been so many examples of kindness in the past few months we have been here. Often it's an older lady trying desperately to engage in conversation with us, helping us at the supermarket, laughing and patting us when we are on a bus or giving us some food like chestnuts, rice cakes or candy. Other times, it's the old men who spend their days hanging out at the local bus station, and once they understand we are from South Africa, they can't stop talking and getting excited even though we have no clue what they are saying. 

I felt like mentioning this today because of the positive experience I just had. This weekend I managed to leave my sunglasses on a bus which I of course was really upset about. After mentioning it to a colleague, she managed to make a whole lot of phone calls and track down the bus driver we had had. He unsurprisingly remembered us and had found my glasses. He then had delivered to the school an hour later. I am so happy and grateful. Only in Korea...

All for now, Happy Monday!!

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