30 Sep 2014

September Round Up

Lots of great things happened in September. Dean and I have gotten much more settled into life here and have gotten over our home-sickness period (We even have an oven now so I can do some home baking!!). We have met many more foreigners in Jeonju, most of them being from South Africa and they live right around the corner from us, which is great. It’s really nice to finally have met a whole lot of people compared to when we first arrived and thought no foreigners lived in Jeonju! September also saw a visit from Dean’s mom, Sue, over our Chuseouk (Korean thanksgiving) holiday when we spent 4 great days in Seoul. We also have a new addition…Luna! Luna is a rescued street cat (her cut ear is to show animal control she has been spayed) and is just the sweetest and craziest little cat. We love having her.

To top it off, I also invested in a new camera (thanks to Sue's inspiration and help) and I am looking forward to learning more about photography and hopefully taking some really nice pictures. 


  1. Ah Cute!
    Such a beautiful Cat!
    Tanya and Lisa's Kitten is called Luna too!

    And nice camera as well! Which one is it? I just bought the Canon 650D.
    Enjoy learning about photography it can be soo mch fun!

    The are some really cool sights to check out while learning too.
    The nicest id the Digital Photography school (DPS). You can sign up to a monthly email and they have a facebook page. So many awesome tips and lessons on how to take good photos.


  2. Ah sweet, what a coincidence!
    Oh awesome, mine is the Canon 600D, I think the only difference is the touch screen. I'm definitely enjoying it and will check that site out for sure. I got this book off amazon called Understanding Exposure and it's really useful and helps me understand the basics.


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